1. Spring

From the recording A World of My Own


Changing your wine to water, is that what your talent brings
Give up those lambs for slaughter, they’ll never feel a thing
And the wind changed the rain to snow, there were no birds to sing
A white blanket trove of treasure, full of ice & diamond rings

That you can’t open ‘till spring
No you can’t open ‘till spring

Saving your strength for battle, setbacks & turnarounds
Spinnin’ your psychobabble, a danger to any crown
And the wide open playing fields, weed out the undesired
Strap on your golden saddle, lock the cage & clip the wings

And it won’t open ‘till spring
No it don’t open ‘till spring

And you know, when the snow starts to melt away
Everything grows again anyway
And the blows that we suffer through day to day
Won’t keep us down, we’ll still be around

The pendulum swings & beckons to all those who stand before
Some have to sing to heaven, look for the open door
And the sky never seemed so dark, wait for the sun to rise
With every new day we’re closer to the place where dreamers dream
But it won’t open ‘till spring
No it don’t open ‘till spring