From the recording A World of My Own


I’m ‘mo make my move, how ‘bout it
What you go to lose, how ‘bout it?
Shakin’ in my shoes
'Cause you know I don’t want to go home without you

See you shake that thang, I want it
Whoa you make me sang, I want it
Flirtin’ wit yo’ tease
‘Cause you know you ‘bout to bring me to my knees

Whoa, baby baby baby baby baby, you go’n make me crazy
Honey honey honey honey honey, I know you think that’s funny
Are you in or out, ‘cause you send me, woww, stop messin’ about

I got what you need, how ‘bout it?
Come on baby please, how ‘bout it?
Play like you don’t know,
But you know I know you just puttin’ on that show