From the recording A World of My Own


Did you know, the things you try to control
You hold on too tight, squeeze out your life
Have you tried to listen closely inside
All that you need is right at your feet
If you wanna believe

And this could be your lucky day
Everything can go your way like I told you
If I stand true with my prediction
And if all things should come to pass
This could be your time to bask in the glow
If I get through with my prediction

Been around, I see what’s keeping you down
You gotta understand, it’s all in your hands
It’s a game and we’re just learnin’ to play
It’s not win or lose, we’re makin’ our own rules
Cashin’ in on the dues


C’mon in, sink or you swim
You know it’ll be alright
It’s your time, leave it behind
You know it’ll be alright