From the recording A World of My Own


What’s on your mind? For one last time

You rushed in where wise men refused to go
So there you are, you don’t get far
You took your chance and now you can’t let go

So just let me say
There’s a smile that’s missin’ upon your face
After while it never seems out of place anymore
Break down those doors in your way
You don’t have to hurt no more

From where I stand, you’re in command
So very few are tried and true as you
You just don’t know, only a fool would let you go
They’re lined up to come to your rescue


The day begins, you make amends with yourself
Let it be known that there’s no one to blame (no blame)
And when you finally get it, you’ll never once regret it
You crash you burn, you live, you learn to shrug off the pain

So there you go, from one who knows
Come around to see the crown’s on you