From the recording A World of My Own


Guess you almost had to be there
Thumbin’ through the pages of my life
Is there nothing more to see there,
Take another chance to get it right

And I’m tryin’ hard to hold myself together
Keep my promises alive
But I know I can’t keep holdin’ on forever
Know I’m runnin’ out of time,
Send me down another sign
(send me down a sign)
Send me down another sign
(send me down a sign)

In the absence of pretension
keep myself completely open wide
For some divine intervention
whether it be real or just implied


Is this a road to nowhere
And is there somewhere I should be
Or am I wasting precious time
Waiting to hear it from you

What about the translation
Should I look to you or to myself
This convenient idolization
But really, I sincerely need your help